Embark on a Journey of Transformation

Your Path to an Insight Zoom Call with Sunny’s Wellness Coordinator

This zoom call is designed to take the overwhelm out of trying to figure out where to start with Sunny. It will help you understand what types of offerings Sunny has, learn how she can best support you, and give you a pathway to healing.

In this way, we believe that you will then have the clarity to choose exactly what is needed for you. Whether you are in need of a class, a mentoring program, community support, a Mastermind, individual support, or entrepreneurial support, Brandi will help you identify how Sunny and her team can help your journey.

She will give you some suggestions that you can then “feel” into to see what feels in the best alignment for you.

In your zoom call you will experience:

Exploratory Spiritual Guidance

In just 15 minutes, Brandi, Sunny’s Wellness Coordinator, will help you start exploring your personal needs and desires, even if you're not sure what they are yet. This call is a starting point for uncovering what you're seeking and how Sunny and her services can support & guide you on this journey.

Initial Clarity and Awareness

This brief session is designed to help you gain initial clarity about your path. Brandi's intuitive guidance can help illuminate areas that could use specific support, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration with Sunny.

Personalized Mind, Body & Spirit Support

Discover how personalized support can benefit you. Brandi will introduce Sunny’s approach to healing and guidance, helping you understand how it can be applied to your unique situation.

Does this sound like you?


Problem 1 - Grieving a Loss?

The pain of losing a loved one, whether through death or separation, can leave individuals seeking comfort and understanding. People often look for ways to process their grief, find closure, or even hope to connect with the departed on a spiritual level. Oftentimes, they don’t know where to start.


Problem 2 - Navigating Life Transitions

Major life changes, such as divorce, career shifts, empty nest or relocating, can be overwhelming and disorienting. Individuals facing these transitions might seek guidance to find balance, gain clarity about their future, and receive support in making positive life choices.


Problem 3 - Dealing with Chronic Illness or Health Challenges

Those experiencing chronic illness or significant health issues may seek Spiritual, Energetic, or Emotional support to complement medical treatment. They might be looking for ways to cope with pain, find inner peace, and draw strength from holistic insights and healing practices.


Problem 4 - Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening or Crisis

Moments of existential questioning, spiritual awakening, or crisis often lead individuals to seek deeper understanding of their life purpose, spiritual path, or connection with the divine. They may feel compelled to explore these realms more deeply to gain insight, direction, and a sense of belonging in the universe.


Problem 5 - Don't Know How to Turn a Hobby into a Business?

You have a hobby that fills you with joy and purpose. Maybe it's crafting, photography, writing, or another creative pursuit. It's your escape, your passion, and it brings you immense satisfaction. But there's a lingering question in your mind: "Can I turn this hobby into a successful business?"

Or maybe you simply:


Have Curiosity About Angels, Intuition, and the Afterlife

Individuals intrigued by the mysteries of the spiritual realm, specifically angels and the afterlife, might seek a deeper understanding and connection. Oftentimes, they have had experiences they can’t explain and want to learn more about intuition and how it works. Whether driven by personal interest, a desire for comfort regarding life after death, or a quest for spiritual connection and enlightenment, they may be eager to learn about these topics from someone with expertise and experience in communicating with the spiritual world.

Ready to Embark on Your Spiritual Journey? Take the Next Step with Sunny as Your Guide

You've taken the first step by arriving here.

Whether you're navigating life's challenges, seeking to understand angels, intuition, and the afterlife, curious about what your spirit is trying to tell you, or simply looking to experience more joy and happiness, an Insight Call with Sunny’s Wellness Coordinator Brandi will give you the clarity you are looking for and get you moving in the right direction.

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